The Business Case: Video on the Web

There is an old Far Side cartoon that depicts hundreds of indistinguishable penguins packed together while a single bird wails above the fray “Oh, I gotta to be me, I just gotta be me.”

This crooning nonconformist is video on the web.

Make no doubt about it, the web is the first, second and third stop for anyone trying to find a product or service, or gather further information about a particular business.  An organization’s website is like a vacuum sucking in prospects. The difference between the best and worst sites are as disparate as comparing a space age infomercial vac to a 1970s-era machine clogged with cat hair.

Updating a site from text and images to include video allows a business to do more than just provide information. Video helps tell a story, breathes life into the staff, and visually demonstrates a competitive advantage. And hosting sites such as Youtube and Vimeo make it easy to link from a home page without taking up precious server space.

Research demonstrates that the strategic addition of video to an organization’s website leads to more visitors, longer interaction, greater conversion rates and an increased return on investment.

Web Video Numbers:

New search algorithms weigh video heavily. Web pages with video have a 50 times greater chance of garnering a first page rank on Google. –Forrester Research

When compared to websites with plain text and images, viewers are more active after watching a video with clicks for further information increasing by 30-40% and phone calls by 16-20%. –BIA Kelsey Group

The Average Internet user watches 186 videos a month including entertainment clips, personal videos, advertising videos, etc. –comSocre Inc, a global digital market measurement service.

77% of marketers reported plans to increase their use of YouTube and video marketing, making it the top area marketers will invest in for 2011. – 

45 percent of respondents said they viewed an online video during a 24-hour period, with 57 percent noting that they are likely to watch a video when it is placed next to an article. –Yahoo!/Interpret

In May, 2011, 15 billion videos were viewed online, up 2% from April’s record. –Nielsen

Facebook experienced a 1,500 percent increase in video watching in one year. –Facebook reports up to a 10-30% increase in conversion rates since adding video tutorials to its site. –

82% of those surveyed reported that online video usage DOES NOT reduce television watching. –

Most online video viewers are between the ages of 25-44. –

The business case for video on the web is strong, so come on penguins let’s march–and sing.

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