MedVenture Technology Recruits with Video

Competition for the very best employees is always fierce and forward-looking companies are always looking for an edge. Video can provide businesses with this competitive advantage by showcasing a company’s facilities, personnel and culture to potential new hires.

Recently Videobred Producer Alan Manias had the pleasure of working with New West’s Andrea Hampton on a recruitment video for MedVenture Technology. MedVenture is an engineering company that designs, develop and manufactures the latest minimally invasive surgical tools and disposable devices. Headquartered in Jeffersonville, Indiana, MedVenture Technology also operates an office in Minneapolis.

MedVenture uses the video as an employment recruiting tool to attract top-tier engineers from from across the globe. Through interviews with employees and the company president, the video conveys MedVenture’s corporate vision and demonstrates the professional rewards gained from working at the company. In addition, the almost nine minute long video highlights Metro Louisville  as a great place to live and work to further entice recruits to consider career opportunities at MedVenture Technology.

A crew of two camera operators, Ben Newkirk and Eric Stemen, along with Manias, captured content and images over the course of two days. Due to the medical nature of the MedVenture products, this wasn’t any typical shoot. B-roll of the assembly line and factory were collected in completely sterile environments. Shooting in this pristine setting required the sterilization of all Videobred gear.  In addition, the crew had to wear hair nets, scrubs, face masks–the whole getup. (Check out the picture below of Newkirk prepping the camera.) The added layer of preparation provided a great learning experience for the Videobred crew and just made the project all the more interesting!

Take a look at how MedVenture Technology is using video to attract the best personnel to help bring innovative medical devices to the market.


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