Stats vs. Stories

Your company’s video should tell a story, YOUR story!

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics. –Mark Twain

Bombarding viewers with facts and statistics can inform, but it’s just as likely to elicit contemplation as action. Fundraisers long ago learned that the picture of one starving child or one shivering puppy is an infinitely more effective way to open a viewer’s checkbook than recitation of numerical data supporting the cause. Focusing in on one person (or one dog) transforms an issue into a story and stories move us to action.

While most businesses are challenged to garner the emotional umph of feeding the hungry and saving strays, the principle of honing in on “the story” when producing web, marketing, advertising and presentation videos still applies. Here are some examples to help you focus in on your unique story.

CASE STUDY: Document and present how you helped an individual client. Yes, do describe the specific challenges and processes, however focus on the individuals–both from your team and the client’s–and how you solved a problem.

1Isotrak: Papa Johns Case Study VIDEOBRED EXAMPLE

PUT A FACE ON YOUR COMPANY: Create a story around an iconic personality that represents your company–a strong recognizable image that clients or customers will immediately associate with your organization. This can be the founder, the CEO or a even a paid spokesperson. A business is not a logo or a building, it’s a collection of individuals. Close your eyes and picture a person you associate with Papa Johns. Pretty easy. How about KFC?

2. OFS Brands: Hank, A Job Well Done VIDEOBRED EXAMPLE

TESTIMONIALS: There is nothing more powerful than an unpaid customer advocating for your business or organization. Avoid the generic. Encourage and develop specific examples of your organization’s work. High consumer satisfaction ratings are great, but when presented as numbers a great many of your audience will focus on the negative even if you’re at 99%. The success of Angie’s List demonstrates the power of testimonials in influencing buying decisions.

3. Hanover College Biomedical Sciences Program VIDEOBRED EXAMPLE

WHITE BOARD: White board videos help visually depict complicated processes in an easy to digest format. Add some animation and a pithy script and you’ll educate and entertain at the same time.

4. Kentuckiana Works: Internships VIDEOBRED EXAMPLE

Stats are a great way to reinforce and prove success, however at Videobred, we highly recommend you start with YOUR story and relegate the facts and figures to a supporting role. Email us to get started on YOUR story.

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