Goodbye, Sharon

SharonCravenLast week marked the end of an era. Our beloved accountant, Sharon Craven, retired after 23 years.

In true Videobred fashion, we sent her out with a bang, plenty of mimosas, and some great food at Asiatique.

Sharon has seen over two decades of great work, difficult economic times and ridiculous shenanigans (ask her about the late-night carpet incident) at Videobred. She was truly the backbone for the company and one of the main reasons we’re still in business. Not only was Sharon a reliable accountant, but she was an awesome friend and mentor, and gave everyone a refreshing dose of sassiness.

We’ll miss you, Sharon, but wish you loads of happiness in retirement.

In her own words, here’s what Sharon will miss about the ‘Bred, and what she’s looking forward to post-retirement:


“My favorite moments at Videobred have been watching the creativity that goes in a project from start to finish, especially with new employees that are fresh out of college, and watching them learn new techniques to apply to their craft.

I’ll miss being around the fresh ideas and youthful employees that VB has had over the years … that keeps me up to date on all the latest trends.

My retirement plans for now are to visit our daughters that live out of state (until they send me home) and to work on our daughter’s (who lives in Louisville) campaign who is running for Judge next year.”

We’re sad to see Sharon go, but we’re also excited to welcome her successor, Carolyn Jones. While she’s friendly and fun to be around, Carolyn wants her time sheets and receipts just as much as Sharon, and she knows how to shoot a gun, so you’ve been warned.

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