5 Beer Ads That Define The Rules of The College Bro

The College Bro is a global stereotype that serves as a reminder of your youth and those few too many nights you don’t remember. From the sticky bar tops to the melting ice luge, everything will come rushing back through these five of our favorite alcohol ads. So strap on your backwards ball cap and pop your collar up for the five rules of bro-dom.

Buddy System

Your buddies are everything for the wild night experience. Whether you back each other up with the ladies or get matching tribal tats, you do it with your bros and you guys do it well. Bud Light: Secret Wall

 2 is better than 1

Why grab one brew at a time when you’ve got two hands? Back your homies up and grab their beverage or get wild with a pitcher of your favorite flavored wine cooler! Miller 64: Beach Volleyball

 The Greatest Wealth is Health

Don’t forfeit all your hours at the gym sculpting Men’s Health cover worthy abs with heavy beers. There’s always a low calorie option that allows you to get the buzz without the bulge. Andes Beer

Hook Ups are Temporary But Bros Are Forever

Your buddies are always going to have your back whether you make a score with the ladies or not. Never abandon your brother from another mother who’s in need of a late night pizza slice just for a chance with that blonde babe you’ve been sipping martinis with. Royal Beer

No Regrets

So you might have sang “Wagon Wheel” at the top of your lungs and told your crush how many push ups you did that day, but you lived in the moment and there’s no taking it back. You’ve only got one life to live, so go get ’em tiger and seize the party. Bergenbier

–Amelia Johnson

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