Through the Eyes of Videobred DP Ben Newkirk

Through the Eyes of DP Ben Newkirk

Videobred DP Ben Newkirk tells stories with technical precision and artistic brilliance. He approaches every production with a fresh eye looking for a unique spin to differentiate the final product.

On How He Got Into Film Making:  I’ve always loved movies and TV and as a kid I would never fall asleep watching a movie because I got so invested in them.  In high school I took the radio/TV class and made a bunch of music videos, and I was always trying to direct as many of the live to tape shows as possible.  My senior year we got a new switcher with built in graphics and I set up my own show open and close as my personal director signature.

On The Art of Telling A Story: There’s no shortage of good stories out there, but when telling a story–a documentary style story–I want to be as organic as possible.  I try very hard not to insert myself or the video production process into the story. For example in interviews, I avoid asking someone “to wait while I setup this shot” or “can you do that one more time for me?”. However with any and all stories it starts with the characters.  Find a real character, someone the audience will love, hate, relate to, laugh with–or just a character that is memorable.  Then  it’s just basic story structure, burn that main character’s house down and then rebuild it.  A lot of people think, “Oh that person’s job (or something they do) is really cool.  What an awesome story.”  To me it’s not really what the person does but why the person does it and who that person is that defines the story.

On His Favorite Projects: The Convention and Visitors Bureau leisure video was probably my favorite project.  All stages of the process were fun because we knew it was going to be a kinda quirky video.  Scripting this piece was fun but hard, trying to make the connections among all the different stories that normally you don’t think of as being intertwined.  It was fun to shoot too because it was a combination of everything, some studio stuff, some food prep and cooking shots, some location stuff, a thirsty peddler, ping pong, and in the end, all of it was to promote our awesome city.”

The Bourbon and Bowties 2014 video for the Norton Healthcare Foundation allowed us to immerse ourselves in an emotional storyline.

And the Kentucky Proud–excuse the pun–barn spot is a piece I’m proud of.

Favorite Quote“Hey guys, watch this!!!” Because normally, immediately following that sentence, someone is about to do something really dumb, and you’ll get a good laugh.

If He Could Have One Super Power – The power to self-heal or regenerate–like Wolverine– would be pretty awesome.  He’s kind of invincible.  Basically it gives you zero physical limitations too.  You could jump off a building, get stabbed or even get shot.  You could also be the best extreme sports figure in the world.  Try any trick and never worry about being hurt, just jump back up and go for it again.  There’s no hesitation when you can heal yourself.”

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