Phantom Flex™ Camera

Videobred Zones in on the World at 2500 Frames per Second

The Videobred Phantom Flex High-Speed Demo captures the graceful beauty of breakdancing, ice exploding, eggs cracking and more. The Videobred team took a variety of approaches in exploring the capabilities of the camera. Shots in the Videobred Phantom Flex High-speed Demo range from the intricacies of a chainsaw cutting a block of ice and an egg splattered by a mouse trap to the freewheeling motion of breakdancers and skateboarders. Shots are captured both in a controlled studio as well as in natural environments. The high-speed camera can turn an action that occurs in a fraction of a second in real time into a never-before-seen visual experience.

Videobred Phantom Flex High-speed Demo

The Phantom Flex is an incredibly flexible digital, high-speed camera capable of recording 2,570 fps at 1920×1080.



Shooters: Steve Hurst, Ben Newkirk and Will Cravens
Editor: Ben Bishop

Shoot Format: 1080p and 4k



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