Our Vision

Videobred, the Louisville region’s premier and most experienced video and multimedia production facility, works with clients to clearly establish your objectives, layout a production plan, and deliver your product on time and on budget. You are involved at every step in bringing your vision to life.

Our staff of specialists allows us to tailor a team for each project – an approach that brings out the best in any concept.

Whether you need training videos, branding elements or more specialized communications products, we boast decades of experience as well as the technological expertise to optimize your video for the multitude of 21st century delivery channels.

We’re eager to work with you and find the creative solution to elevate your next project. Check out our work and see why clients large and small have trusted Videobred for more than 30 years with their creative services needs.

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10 Things To Know About Videobred :



Ghost Story?
Formerly the home of furniture craftsmen, Vidobred’s 150-year-old building often is praised by clients clients for its feng shui serenity – but some believe it’s haunted.


Secretariat Wins Again
Long disputed because of a timing error, in 2012 Videobred’s team helped provide irrefutable proof that Secretariat set the Preakness Record during Big Red’s triple crown run in 1973.


Maker’s Mark Traverses Cowboys Stadium
When the new Cowboys Stadium opened in Dallas in 2009, Doe Anderson partnered with Videobred to create a digital short to toast the occasion. During the game, a Videobred-produced digital stream of bourbon flowed from a Maker’s Mark bottle, circled the stadium, and landed in a virtual glass without a drop spilled. Cheers!


Our First Client
When Videobred started in 1979, our first client was New Zion Baptist Church in our hometown of Louisville. Although we now produce videos for some of the nation’s largest companies, we still tape services for the church − for almost the same price.


Vidobred Alumni
Former Videobred employees have gone on to work on such hit TV shows as Diners, Drive-ins and DivesHome Improvement and Breaking Bad.


Ubiquitous Chicken
Videobred helped Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) spread the gospel of poultry worldwide.


As teenagers, our two founders developed a passion for the ponies by cutting school and crawling through a hole in the fence at nearby Churchill Downs. The “bred” in Videobred pays homage to this love for thoroughbred racing.


American History
Renowned historical film director and producer Donna Lawrence has collaborated with Videobred owner Jamie Pence on the post-production of many of films over the past decade, including those at the Capitol Visitor Center in D.C., Gettysburg National Military Park and the William Jefferson Clinton Library and Museum.


Papa’s In Our House
Videobred has worked with international pizza giant Papa John’s consistently for more than two decades.


Consistent Culture
Videobred was founded 35 years ago by two free spirits. The current staff enjoys free spirits.



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