Videobred Goes Global

Big client. Big audience. Big ol’ team effort by Videobred!

Earlier this month, Videobred completed a project for DLA Piper, one of the largest law firms in the world. Yes, you read that correctly. That says “world.” They have 77 offices in 31 countries spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Videobred team members were on the phone with people across the United States, Great Britain, and Germany throughout the project.

“At What Cost” is a drama to be used for discussions with global clients. Alan Manias produced and directed it, and Tim Sanford wrote the script. Freelance producer and friend of Videobred Joanna Hay served as executive producer.

“I chose to partner with Videobred because of the quality, the consistency and the great people at 1000 Hamilton Ave.,” Joanna said. “My goal was to prove to this global company that we could produce a stunning film that would blow their socks off from right here in Louisville, Ky.”

According to Alan, almost everyone at Videobred worked on the project at some point because of its importance. “We definitely utilized all of our resources,” Alan said.  “I thought it was a pretty big opportunity to showcase some abilities we have. I’ve never produced anything like it.”

Tim Sanford wrote the script, which was going to be based off of an original script produced in England. However, the version ended up having a completely different story line in order to include issues that were more relevant to an American audience.

“Ultimately the goal was for the content to be broad enough in scope that it could be used for an international audience,” Tim said.

The project began in April, and after several drafts and phone meetings with DLA Piper attorneys, the script was finally approved in late August and production began in September.

A cast of 19 actors was hired for the film. Alan said one of the most rewarding things about shooting was the talent telling him that it was the best shoot they had ever been on.

“That came from people who are full-time actors and do it everyday,” Alan said. “I thought it was a big compliment. They enjoyed it because it was something different.”

Tim said it’s pretty humbling to know that directors at some of the world’s largest companies are getting an opportunity to view “At What Cost.”

“It was very rewarding to be involved with a project of this magnitude,” Tim said. “DLA Piper puts a lot of energy and resources into creating a high end product that really transcends a typical training video.”

So high fives all around to everyone who contributed to another successful project! To see the finished trailer, check it out on our Vimeo page here.

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