Extreme Makeover: Videobred Edition

Over the past month or so, it has not been uncommon for Videobred regulars to walk in the front door and immediately stop in their tracks, jaws dropped, and say something along the lines of “Oh, wow. It’s different in here.” Thanks to the unstoppable duo of Ben Newkirk and Zach Stewart (one of our very talented tenants), the VB lobby is now boasting new wood floors, a new rug, framed production stills, and two original Kentucky-themed murals on the wall, which nearly span from ceiling to floor.

While the new floors are shiny, and the production stills include a few familiar faces in them, it’s the murals that grab most of the attention.

“My original idea was just a simple outline of the Louisville skyline to wrap around both walls in the lobby,” Ben said.  “I asked Zach if he could photoshop that together and after he did that, I could tell that he hated it and thought it sucked, so I let him desig

n something from scratch.  What he came up with is what is on the walls.”

Zach designed two different murals; one dedicated to the state of Kentucky, and the other dedicated to the city o

f Louisville. Once the designs were finished and resized to fit the wall, they were projected, traced, and colored in by hand.

Zach said that while the process was long and physical, seeing the finished product was worth it. “Most of my work is done on a computer and it was cool to tap into the older work ethic of physically putting art on a wall,” Zach said. “It’s also super rewarding to see something of that scale finished. The hardest part was probably making sure that Ben was out of the way while I Instagram-ed photos of myself filling in the mural.”

A couple of days and multiple hand cramps later, the murals were finished and now they look great.

“My favorite part is just knowing we have created something a completely original hand drawn wall mural,” Ben said. “Getting positive feedback from people about it is pretty cool too because I’ve never been involved in an art project of that scale and that public.”

Check out the photos below of the work in progress and the finished product! Thank you Ben and Zach for doing such a killer job! Also, hop over to Zach’s website to see more of his work: www.zachstewart.


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