5 Questions for the Summer Interns


The 2017 interns are busy at it working on their summer projects. Here’s five quick questions for these unique and talented stars of the future.

  1. Where do you attend college?

Jenee: University of Louisville

Major: Communications

Parker: Western Kentucky University

Major: Film

Rebekah: Attending Indiana University

Major: Media (Cinema Arts and Production)

  1. Which aspect of production are you most interested in?

Rebekah: Post Production (Editing)

Jenee: Conceptualization and Production

Parker: Conceptualization and Editing

  1. What is your favorite TV show? (favorite movie was too hard to answer)

Parker: The Office

Rebekah: Sherlock on BBC.

Jenee: Game of Thrones

  1. If you could have any super power what would it be?

Jenee: Teleportation. I want to travel the world without going through the process of traveling. I hate long car/plane/train rides so I want to be able to teleport to any place in the world and any time within seconds.

Parker: Teleportation hands down, I would never have to get stuck in traffic or pay for a plane ticket to travel.  

Rebekah: Shapeshifting, because you can transform into anything you need to. If you need to fly, you can shift into a bird. If you need to unlock a door, you could shift into a key that can unlock it. The possibilities seem endless.

  1. What are your career aspirations?

Rebekah: After I graduate, I would like to work at a local production company and eventually move to a larger city to work on films.

Jenee: I would like to have a career that allows me to work on a variety of projects. Something that will give me a change in scenery and that will also provide new challenges.

Parker: I’d like to create music videos and work on a musicians tour as a videographer.

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