Videobred Utility Player Parker Smith

Always entertaining, clever and creative, if the utterance “Parker” was a drinking game, nearly the entire Videobred staff would need dependency treatment. Parker Smith joined the VB team after finishing an internship here last summer. Innovative and eager to learn, he’s enthusiastic no matter the assigned task–especially if there’s an opportunity to spike his blood sugar with craft services or a meal from a unique eatery.

Five Questions for Videobred’s Parker Smith

1.     How did you get into Video Production?

I’ve always had an interest in creating videos. In the 5th grade two of my best friends and I would take their dad’s camera and run around downtown Frankfort recording anything we could. Thankfully, there wasn’t YouTube at the time or else those embarrassing videos would still be floating around the Internet. Flash forward a few years later and all three of us ended up as roommates at Western Kentucky University, where I majored in film studies. Thankfully those life events lead me into a career that allows me to enjoy what I do every day.

2. Which of your past projects is your favorite?

It’s hard to say because every project has different characteristics that I enjoy, whether it’s learning new techniques, to creating something fun and exciting. One project that stands out was a video we did for Bellarmine University’s Move-in Day. On the project we filmed new students moving into their dorms and interacting with their peers for the first time. Bellarmine posted it on their Facebook page and a few of my friends saw and liked the video, even though they had no idea I’d worked on it. I thought that was pretty cool. 

3. What is your dream project to work on in the future?


I have two dream projects. My number one would be to shoot a music video for my favorite musician, Kanye West. He’s already had so many iconic music videos that being able to say I added to that list would be a blessing. I would listen to his music on the way to class for major tests in college for a boost of confidence, so since he helped me graduate I owe him a favor. Secondly, I’d love to reshoot the video to My Ole Kentucky Home that they play at Rupp Arena after every UK game. The current one looks dated and could use a reboot. Who wouldn’t want to have a video that they made play in front of 24,000 of their closest friends after every home game? Go Cats! 


4. What is your favorite quote?


“Everything I’m not, made me everything I am.” I think is such a great quote because sometimes you have to realize what your weaknesses are in order to improve them and utilize your strengths. Embracing your flaws is a great characteristic to have. Not everyone can be a world-class editor, or DP, or audio engineer. That’s why it takes a team to execute projects correctly, and when you know your strengths you can help contribute to the project in the best way. 


5. If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?


Teleportation without a doubt. Mainly so I wouldn’t have to worry about traffic ever again. It would be really helpful on sets and allow me to be early for call times. Plus, I could shoot videos half way across the world and be back in the same day. The only downside is that I would have way too many food options. Do I want a calzone in Italy, or sushi in Japan? I would also save a lot of money on gas and Ubers. 

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