Passport Health Plan: I Choose Passport

Passport Health Plan: I Choose Passport

Passport Health Plan is a non-profit that administers Kentucky Medicaid benefits. Passport Health Plan: Choose Passport is one in a series of spots that reinforces Passport Health Plan’s mission to encourage members to live healthier lives. I Choose Passport also promotes the plan as a comprehensive and affordable healthcare option for individuals and families.


Shot in slow motion on the RED Scarlett using a steadicam and steadicam-dolly combo, Passport Health Plan: Choose Passport depicts urban, suburban and rural settings throughout the Commonwealth. The cast for each spot features individuals representative of the state’s diversity and the client’s target audience. Narration provides a simple explanation of the product and combines with the music to convey an empathetic, calming tone to a complex issue.

Producer/Director/Casting – Alan Manias
Director/DP – Steve Hurst
Editor – Steve Hurst
DP/Steadycam – Eric Stemen
Client – Passport Health Plan
Writer – David Henry

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