From concept to final cut, we’ve got you covered

Visual storytelling is a comprehensive process. Your media production partner needs to understand your vision; capture your voice in a compelling script; shoot imagery that commands attention; and put it all together with music, visual effects and precise editing that create a compelling experience for viewers.

At Videobred, we’re great at all of that, and more.

Conceptualization & Scripting

Our creative team takes the time to truly understand your vision. We collaborate with our clients to hone creative ideas, to produce media  products that genuinely reflect each organization’s personality and purpose.

We’ve worked with clients ranging from renowned national museums to Fortune 500 companies to locally owned family businesses. At Videobred, we know how to speak to an audience and communicate your story in a voice that resonates. Our team creates treatments, scripts and storyboards that detail how every image, narration and musical note will combine to tell your unique story.


Videobred’s videographers are among the most technologically savvy and creative shooters  you’ll meet. Our  team members have won acclaim for innovative technical projects and dramatic films. There’s nothing routine about any project, every shoot presents an opportunity to ignite a visual spark that will make your project rise above the fray. From high-definition to ultra high-definition cameras to drones to sliders to gimbals, our team is equipped with the most up-to-date  video gear, resulting in spectacular imagery.


Video projects have a lot of moving parts. Where are we going to shoot the street scenes? What’s the best lighting setup to accentuate the design of your new product? What props and furniture will create the atmosphere we are looking for? At Videobred, we handle all the details to make sure every aspect of your video production goes smoothly. From location scouting to art direction to casting to makeup, we handle it all. We manage every step of production to ensure a clear focus on telling your story.


Videobred has the best post-production talent and equipment to bring together all the elements of your project into a compelling video. Videobred hosts its own recording studio, maintains a national roster of voice talent, and subscribes to a comprehensive library of music tracks to add emotional impact to any scene. Animations, motion graphics, and state-of-the art visual effects emphasize key points and add a flair. We’re also experienced in virtual reality (VR) video production. Our editors can create a complete score from our extensive music library and mix your video’s audio track for maximum emotional impact.

We also offer:

  • Live Streaming Switcher

  • Production Coordination

  • Field Crews

  • Teleprompter Services

Whatever your production requirements, we have the best talent and tools in the industry to meet your needs.  Drop us a line to get the conversation started.