Complex issues explained with clear, entertaining imagery

Sometimes explaining a new product or complex issue needs a little extra visual help. Animations and motion graphics can bring clarity to abstract concepts or differentiate your product in a competitive marketplace.

Our team at Videobred are not only experts in the latest computer and VFX animation tools, they also are great at breaking down information into easy-to-understand, engaging imagery that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Tell Your Story with Moving Pictures

Animations can add a sense of energy, and even fun, that keeps viewers’ attention as video narration explains a product, a process or an abstract idea. With animations and motion graphics, our team can breathe visual life into any project. Animations are perfect for:

  • Detailing a new business process
  • Bringing life to mundane training
  • Illustrating statistical patterns over time
  • Introducing a new concept or abstract theme
  • Depicting sweeping historical events in a concise snapshot
  • Projecting future trends

Animated charts and graphs bring a sense of urgency to those big numbers, and VFX characters and iconography can create a connection with abstract ideas that is difficult to match – or too costly – with a live shoot.

The Videobred team has created animations and motion graphics for award-winning projects ranging from multimedia museum installations to explainer videos that promote a new university program prior to launch. Based on your unique needs, we can create an entirely animated video or use animations and motion graphics to add impact to your broader video project.

Let’s bring your next video to life

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University of Louisville School of Public Health

Energetic animations and motion graphics make terms like “bioinformatics” resonate with prospective students for a new university program.

Louisville Water: Handwashing

Fun viral internet animation helps Louisville Water spread an important message in an upbeat, engaging way.