Bring critical issues to life and connect on an emotional level

Sometimes telling the whole story requires immersing viewers in a dramatic presentation of how business policies and practices play out in the real world. Your audience now has so many choices for consuming information that a talking head and a few graphics are just not enough. You need media that creates an emotional response and leaves a lasting impression.

At Videobred we work with corporate partners to create full-length films that depict real life business scenarios – dramatizations that go well beyond experts speaking directly to the camera  – with fully developed characters and scenarios that put the viewer directly in the action and leave them asking, “What would I do?”

“This film gives our lawyers a tool to reach our clients about these issues in a way that no other law firm is doing. A film like this would have been valuable to me as a General Counsel because it depicts realistic situations where executives need to make difficult decisions.”

Stasia Kelly, Co-Managing Partner (Americas) / DLA Piper

Corporate dramatizations are an exceptional vehicle for both staff development and customer education. A well cast, scripted training film can both entertain and inform employees and clients, creating a lasting impression unmatched by a traditional day-long training seminar. 

Everyone loves a good story, and corporate dramatizations put a human face on business issues and build a real connection with your audience.

A Complete Film Production Solution

At Videobred we handle every aspect of your corporate film, from location scouting to final edit. Our script writers thoroughly research the issues you want to communicate, ensuring that your production is both accurate and engaging. We cast professional acting talent, provide set design, art direction,makeup and wardrobe services on par with any film production company.

Ready to tell your story in a new, innovative way?

Drop us a line and we’ll explore how a Corporate Dramatization can help you connect with your audience.

DLA Piper: Executive Training

45-minute film emphasizes the importance of directors and management reacting to signs of questionable or fraudulent conduct within their company.

DLA Piper: In a Flash!

Fictional drama depicts a corporation dealing with multiple cyber security issues.