Our Studio

The Studio at Videobred features a 180° cyc wall that can be painted to suit the production. The studio is outfitted with plenty of power for high draw lighting fixtures.

We have plenty of floor lighting options to suit nearly any production with tungsten studio lights and a range of bi-color LED lighting. Available also is a 12×12′ silk and frame for manipulating or bouncing light.

Features and Equipment:

  • 180° cyc wall
  • Chroma-key green or white paint
  • 12×12′ silk and frame
  • Arri 5K Tungsten x2
  • Arri Tungsten kits (300, 650, 1K) x2
  • 4′ Kino-Flo x2
  • LiteMat 2L x2
  • VideoLights LED panel x2
  • Dracast LED 1×1 panel x3
  • Pop out Chroma-Key background
  • 8′ width roll out Chroma-Key background
  • Combo stands
  • Jr. Stands
  • Rolling Baby Stands
  • C-Stands
  • Sandbags and shot bags