Engage, entertain and educate visitors

Videobred has created award-winning video experiences for museums across the nation on topics as varied as African-American musical heritage to 300 years of Alabama history. From massive large-format video showcases to self-guided informational tours displayed on touch-screen kiosks, we are experts at using videos and interactives to engage, engross and educate museum visitors.

Our team members and network of industry-leading partners bring decades of experience in research, conceptualization, scripting, production and post-production, as well as technical installation design. The results captivate audiences with compelling storytelling, stunning visuals and richly layered soundtracks.

Our Approach

Collaboration is the essence of the Videobred creative process. We work closely with our clients and partners through each step of production:

  • Concept development
  • Research and scriptwriting
  • Art direction
  • Image Research
  • Filming and editing
  • Sound design
  • Post-production

This creative partnership, coupled with our attention to detail, creates amazing stories that spark visitors’ curiosity and enrich their museum experience.

Immersion in Your Mission

Our first step in any museum project is to immerse ourselves in the subject matter and your museum’s mission, developing a deep understanding of your project goals. From there, we present various concepts for iterative review and approval. Our network of award-winning researchers and writers pour through written documents, photo archives and oral histories to uncover the images and stories that will create a personal connection with museum visitors.

Production & Post-Production

The videographers and editors at Videobred add a creative spark to every frame of museum interactive and video installations. Jamie Pence, Videobred’s owner and creative director, is a nationally recognized innovator in large-format video design and editing. Our team handles every aspect of production and post-production, from location scouting to animation and VFX to scoring and sound design.

Installation design

Videobred works hand-in-hand with our partners to ensure that the video and audio content we create is perfectly suited for the space and technical specifications of your video and multimedia presentation. Viewers’ ultimate experience is alway the clear goal. Every moving image, every narration and every musical accompaniment is meticulously designed to immerse audiences in an engrossing, educational journey.

We want to learn more about your vision.

Drop us a note about your goals for your museum video project to get the conversation started.

The Cody Firearms Museum

Five high-profile videos help visitors understand the complex evolution and impact of firearms, from nature conservation to armed conflict.

Alabama Voices

Award-winning experience uses 22 media, from films to interactive kiosks, to tell 300 years of history of the indigenous and disenfranchised peoples of Alabama.