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DLA Piper turned to Videobred and Joanna Hay Production in 2012 to help raise the bar on corporate training. Our team wrote and produced a 45-minute, high-end training video for DLA Piper, one of the largest law firms in the world with 77 offices in 31 countries spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

Featuring a fictitious company named EPTICOM, “At What Cost” emphasizes the importance of directors and management reacting to indications of questionable or fraudulent conduct within the company. DLA Piper uses the film as an education and training tool on corporate governance issues for directors, legal departments and management at companies around the world.

Videobred’s Alan Manias produced and directed, and Tim Sanford wrote the script. Steve Hurst was the primary editor aided by Eric Stemen. Videobred audio partner Downtown Recording managed the audio portions of the production. Joanna Hay, of Joanna Hay Productions, served as executive producer.



Project Specifications

Client: DLA Piper

Executive Producer: Joanna Hay

Producer: Alan Manias
Director: Manias
Writer: Tim Sanford
DP/Camera Operators: Will Cravens/Eric Stemen/Ben Newkirk

Gaffer/Key Grip: Steve Staley/Newkirk



Production/Props Coordinator: Shay Livers

Production Coordinator:  Tori Thompson
Production Assistant:
Ashton Hendrich

Camera: AF100 (x2)

Lighting Package: 4×4 Kinos
Shoot Format: HD 1080 24 fps
Shoot Length: 6 days

Audio: (#1) Nick Stevens (#2) Sean Dillman
Audio Post: Downtown Recording

Editor: (#1) Steve Hurst (#2) Eric Stemen
Edit Length: 10 Days
Delivery: DVD
Make-up: Vicki Arnold/Angie Morrison
Casting: Manias
Casting Agencies: Helen Wells, Hayman Talent and Cam Talent


During five months of development, the producers and writers were on the phone with Piper attorneys and experts from across the United States, Great Britain and Germany on a weekly basis to define the key issues and craft the story. The client tasked Videobred with incorporating pertinent legal issues with plausible storylines and believable characters. The final script paired the tone of a network legal drama with the third-party analysis of a scandalous documentary. Three breaks were incorporated into the film to allow for audience questions and interaction.

The casting call went to major cities within driving distance to Louisville. Due to the client’s desire to use the film internationally, attention was paid to hiring outstanding actors. The ensemble cast included top regional stage and video actors from Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Nashville and Louisville. DLA Piper vetted the finalists for all major and secondary roles.

Shooting began Labor Day week and finished in late September. The multi-camera production required shooting at a variety of interior and exterior locations. Videobred rented more than 5,000 square feet of office space in two different buildings to create the look of a multi-campus, international corporation. Additional scenes were shot at a local coffee shop, restaurant and two different homes. Scenes ranged from a single actor to a boardroom scene with more than a dozen actors. The film was shot in HD using two AF100s.

Over a two-week period, Videobred editor Steve Hurst cut the film in Premiere with assistance from editor Eric Stemen. Eric also shot a number of artistic time-lapse scenes used as transitions throughout the film. Downtown Recording did the final audio mix.

The project was completed on time and on budget and won a Telly Award.

Since completing the film, DLA Piper returned to Videobred in December to develop a Train-the-Trainer video to educate its staff on presenting the program to clients. Most recently, DLA Piper had the film translated into Mandarin Chinese for use by its office in mainland China.


Stasia Kelly

Co-Managing Partner (Americas) / DLA Piper

This film gives our lawyers a tool to reach our clients about these issues in a way that no other law firm is doing. A film like this would have been valuable to me as a General Counsel because it depicts realistic situations where executives need to make difficult decisions.



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