Isotrak: Logistics Company Delivers for Papa John’s

A global innovator in vehicle tracking and telematics solutions, Isotrak recently expanded into the U.S. In this case study, Papa John’s personnel and Isotrak Chief Operating Officer Brett Conner recount the successful development and implementation of a new logistics system for the Louisville-based, global pizza chain.

Project Specifications

Client: Isotrak
Producer: Raph Cecil
DP:      Ben Newkirk
Second Camera: Eric Stemen
Editor: Ben Bishop
Writer: Tim Sanford
Camera: AF100 (x2)
Lighting Package: 4×4 Kinos
Shoot Format: HD 1080 24 fps


Based on recommendations from Papa John’s personnel, Isotrak worked with Videobred to produce a Isotrak: Papa John’s Case Study. The video demonstrates the international logistics company’s partnership with the pizza giant to help meet Papa John’s commitment to Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. The Videobred team worked closely with Isotrak over several weeks to understand the the company’s product and the story behind its successful partnership with Papa John’s. Since Isotrak planned to unveil the video at a then forthcoming trade show, the Videobred team worked quickly to produce the initial script, scout locations and plan the production.


The Videobred team captured interior and exterior b-roll at Papa John’s International headquarters and conducted a half dozen interviews with Papa John’s employees and Isotrak Chief Operating Officer Brett Conner. The video focused on how, prior to implementation, the Isotrak team closely studied Papa John’s fulfillment of ingredients to individual stores, as well as the unique features and benefits of the Isotrak fleet management and telematics solution. Using the client to endorse the product, the piece demonstrates how Isotrak’s solution gives customers’ a powerful logistics management and cost-saving tool.


Ben Bishop delivered the initial cut of the video after a few days of combing through the footage and weaving a cohesive, dynamic narrative.


Since shooting, Isotrak has repurposed the video to spotlight its relationship with key partners.


“We have been very pleased with the outcome of our Papa John’s case study video.  The Videobred team took time to understand our business and determine our needs in order to create an excellent video that told the Isotrak story.”  –Brett Conner, COO, Isotrak

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